Island Music

1253 Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ

(609) 525 4223

Island Music Ensemble Program

Drum Circle Jam Session

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to explore the power of rhythm! Celebrate the rhythms of life and the joy of making music with your community. With the guidance of our instructors, you will learn and explore the fundamentals of rhythm awareness through body percussion, call and response drum communication, drumming techniques and other fun drum circle games! No prior drumming experience is needed however a passion for music and engagement is highly recommended.

  • When: Saturdays 6:00pm, 7:00pm
  • Where: 14th street beach
  • What to bring: (Optional: Beach towel, Beach chair)

Students are allowed to bring their own drum. If you do not have a drum we will provide you one for the class. 

  • Price: $25 per session. (Sessions are 1 hour long)

    All Ages welcome!
    Spaces limited per session*


Friends & Family - Group Ukulele Lesson -

Family & Friends
Group Ukulele Lesson

Learn to play Ukulele as a group. Get a group of 2-6 people and

learn the basic fundamentals of the ukulele. In this 45 minute session,

groups will learn proper ukulele techniques, strums patterns, chords,

and songs that you can play at home.

Where: Group Lessons are held in our music store (1253 Asbury Ave OCNJ)

Call or Email for Availability

Price: $60 per student (Mahalo Rainbow ukulele included)

Led Zeppelin Ensemble (bundled Led Zeppelin Course)

     In this ensemble, Island music students will learn to play the music of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin! Not only that, but this ensemble also includes the “Rock Doc mini course” titled “Led Zeppelin”!  For the 1st four weeks, students study the musical history and style of Led Zeppelin (complete with both in person lectures and online materials) and then rehearse the music.  In the final two weeks, students rehearse and then give a hard rocking Led Zeppelin performance! Instrumentation will include: guitar, bass, drumset, keyboards, and vocals. There is nothing around like this combined class and ensemble experience!                                                                                         

                                                     Start Date: July 2022                         

Led Zeppelin Ensemble

Click below to visit and signup for this innovative course!
Brazilian Percussion Ensemble

     This Ensemble focuses on the music of Brazilian styles such as samba, baiao, partido alto, and more. Students will learn how to play and solo on a vast array of Brazilian instruments such as; surdo, tamborim, repique, caixa, pandeiro, ago-go bells and much more.  Join us as we march through the streets of Ocean City performing these exciting music styles! 

                     (No prior percussion experience is necessary) Start date

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